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  • Only those who have completed 5 years 10 months on 30th May are eligible to be admitted to Standard I.

  • Every candidate for admission and withdrawal must be introduced by a letter or in-person to the Headmistress, by one who is responsible for her/him.

  • Pupils coming from other Primary Schools should produce the 'Transfer Certificate' issued by the Head of the School concerned, with the counter signature of the inspecting officer of the place.

  • Admission will ordinarily be closed within 8 days after the re-opening date.

  • Applications for admission should be made in the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the school office and should be submitted along with the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. Every pupil on admission shall pay the prescribed fees.

  • Pupils coming from schools outside Karnataka State will be admitted on production of Transfer Certificates duly countersigned by the Inspecting Officers in charge of the Institutions in strict conformity with the table of parity of standards issued by the Department.

  • The Application for Admission must be signed by the father or mother, or in their absence, by a guardian who has been authorized by the parent to do so. This letter of authorization  must be filled with the admission form.

  • In the case of admission of pupils coming from Primary Schools, the name and the date of birth as furnished in the Transfer Certificate will be taken as correct. In the case of pupils to be newly admitted, the correct date of birth should be furnished in the application for admission and necessary Documentary Evidence must also be produced.

  • No alteration in the date of birth will be made without the sanction of the C.P.I. in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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