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  • FAITH FORMATION :-  We will primarily be instilling Gospel values such as total dependence on God, to live in a spirit of love to face the challenges of life with a living faith in God.

  • SOCIAL CONCERN :- We shall strive to change the prevailing situations of injustice by fostering a genuine and active social concern among our staff and students and imbibing a spirit of compassion, mission, social responsibility and a spirit of patriotism. 


  • INTELLECTUAL FORMATION :- We shall encourage creativity and research through our apostolate, contributing towards the thinking capability by experimenting with new methods and projects that would further our common goals. We shall help our students to develop a thirst for knowledge and to integrate it with life.


  • EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT :-We shall help our pupils to strive for excellence, to develop a positive self-image, and radiate joy and contentment through interpersonal relationships.


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Drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher and direction from our Founder Venerable Mother Veronica, St Cecily's English Medium Higher Primary Udupi, provides learners with a healthy and sound environment for exploring hidden potential, innovative thinking, developing ecological sensitivity, seeking spiritual aspirations, enhancing emotional competencies and reaching out in compassion to champion the cause of justice, love, truth, harmony and peace in the society.


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Building of a God-oriented Educative Community to develop them as the Precious Human Resource of our Society.

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