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General Regulations 

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Daily : 8:30 am to 12:30 pm 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

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Pupils who come to school before 8:45 am should sit in their respective classes and spend the time in useful study.  No pupil should be found loitering or idling away during the study hour.

On the teacher's arrival in the classroom, the pupils must rise and remain standing till they have prayed and salute the teacher and take their seats.

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No pupil is allowed to leave the school during the school hours without the permission of the Headmistress. Parents should provide a written requestasking permission even for noon meals. The School authorities will take action on those student who do not abide by this.

The students who absent themselves from Semester Examinations will be viewed seriously during reopening of classes

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 Progress Records will be issued after the Semester Examination. They shall be returned to the class teacher duly signed by the parents or guardian within 3 days of their issue.

 Pupils should adhere to the discipline of the school whole-heartedly. They should follow the bells scrupulously, particularly bells given after the recess time. They should never leave the school premises in between intervals.


Students are not permitted either individually or in group to hold activities of worship other than those organised by the school authority within the campus.

When prayers are said at the beginning and at the end of class, everyone should stand and pray respectfully.

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