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75th Independence Day

75th Independence day was celebrated at St Cecily’s Campus under the leadership of St Cecily’s English Hr Pry School. Mrs Daisy Pinto, the retired teacher of St Cecily Kannada Pry School was the Chief guest. The heads of all our institutions were present. At 8:30a.m. programme began with a prayer. Teacher Ms Bhargavi mastered the ceremony. Mrs Teena Reena Menezes welcome the gathering. Headmistress Sr Jecintha A.C. offered a bouquet of flowers to the chief guest. The chief guest and all the dignitaries were led to the flag post by the physical education teacher Mrs Jyothi Latha Lobo. Flag hoisting was done by the chief guest and flag was respected by saluting and singing the Natinal Anthem and Flag song. The chief guest delivered her message and expressed her opinion that without the participation of the children it is a dull celebration. Teacher Mrs Gracy Pinto expressed words of gratitude.

Teachers and non-teaching staff of the campus, parents, sisters of the Cecily’s convent and few children were present for the programme. At the end of the programme sweets were distributed.

75th Independence day
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