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St Cecily's English Medium Higher Primary School
Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
Affiliation No. 831273, School Code- 46906

'The Competency Based Education' 

Udupi: 7 July 2023
Teachers here at St Cecily's English Medium Higher Primary School, Udupi had a training programme on 'The Competency Based Education' in the school auditorium. As the school has just got shifted to the CBSE board, it was necessary to have the outlook of assessments and evaluation based on the CBSE requirements.
Mrs Vidya, Sr Juliana and Mrs Jyotsna from the Mount Carmel Central School, Bondel in their sessions explained that CBSE curriculum is student centered and student friendly and the timely assessments and evaluations will make the learning joyful. The curriculum blended with proper learning objectives and outcomes will definitely develop the expected skills in children.
The programme was very advantageous. Sr Lathika, the Principal welcomed the resource persons and Ms Dinah proposed vote of thanks.

Vanamahotsava  Day was
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