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National Science Day – 2021


National Science Day was celebrated on 27th Feb 2021 as 28th Feb was Sunday. The days programme began with a prayer, followed by a group song on science day, introductory speech on the importance of science day by the students and a few experiments performed by the students and the teachers. Groupwise science quiz was conducted and five groups were chosen for the finals from a total of thirteen groups participated. Children enjoyed a lot. Prizes were distributed for the winners of the quiz programme and our Headmistress congratulated the winners and also the teachers Mrs Roopa, Mrs Vidya, Mrs Jennifer, Mrs Cecilia, Mrs Divya and Ms Sowjanya.

In connection with science day many competitions were held online for all the students, such as model making for all the classes. Recording seed germination for classes 1 to 3, making a video on any one of the given topics to classes 4  & 5 and making a PPT on any on of the topics from their science textbook for classes 6 and 7. The models made were displayed on science day. Thus the programme came to an end with National Anthem.

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